The true West is waiting for you!
Come experience the awe-inspiring landscapes and incredible adventures of Latin & North America.


Adventure Tours in the True West

Small groups, authentic experiences, lifelong connections

Real Adventures, Perfect Journeys

You want the experience of a lifetime, and West Adventures can make it happen for you. Immerse yourself in the wilds and beauty of Latin & North America, while we handle the logistics and details that can make trip planning so stressful. With us, you’ll travel the way you want to, guided by people who know and love this region—and want you to love it, too.

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A better experience—Because we’ve lived it!

At West Adventures, we’re travellers, like you are. We can show you what’s amazing about Latin & North America, and give you the adventures and memories that no other tour company can—all with top-notch camping gear, high-quality vehicles and great hotels (when you want them). And, best of all, always on your terms.

The West is our home, and our first love. Find out why—and how—we created a tour company that has opened up new possibilities for travellers like you to explore this incredible region.

The West Adventures Difference

The West Adventures Difference
  • Local guides who know and love the region, giving you an insider’s perspective and incredible experiences you’ll remember forever.
  • We don’t just drive you around—we immerse you! A dedicated guide in addition to a driver on most of our tours means you get to truly experience each incredible landscape, and every opportunity for adventure.
  • We can combine the comfort of hotels with the heart-opening experience of forest, desert and mountain camping—for a balanced, rejuvenating tour featuring top-quality gear and vehicles.
  • Our insightful, knowledgeable team and the inspired fellow travellers who join our tours make for energizing journeys that are the equal of each amazing destination.

Come See the True West

For centuries, the phrase “Go West” has been a call for excitement, adventure and outstanding beauty.

The Western regions of Canada, the United States and Latin America are defined by vast natural terrains like you’ve never seen, mind-blowing rocky peaks, turquoise mountain lakes of unreal stillness, roaring waterfalls, wild desert scapes, and a vast endless ocean that crosses the horizon. We’ll take you into it, hike through it with you, teach you about it, lead you across it on rafts, horseback and mountain bikes, and reveal it to you from perspectives you’ve never seen before.

The West is exhilarating, relaxing, beautiful, breathtaking, serene, friendly, mind-expanding, and so much more—whatever side of it you want to experience, we can make it happen for you.

Meaningful Experiences, Lifelong Friendships

You don’t want to see the West just from the window of a bus, returning home with only a sore back and a few photos.

West Adventures is for those who want to connect with nature, get outdoors, and make real friendships with people of all ages and nationalities. Our tours offer hikes in world-famous parks, thrilling river trips, soul-lifting paddles through crystal blue lakes, searches for local wildlife, and breezy bike rides through rolling hills and mountain valleys.

Whichever you choose, you’ll come home with real memories, a full heart, and new connections that can last forever.

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