19 Tips for a Hassle-free Holiday in Mexico

According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico has been the most visited country in the world. It experiences many tourists from the US, Canada, Europe and Asian countries.
Despite being a welcoming country, you can enjoy more if you keep in mind the following tips:


1. Plan your trip but don’t over-research: You may want to know about the type of weather and the places that you must visit on your trip to Mexico but don’t over explore before going as it will kill all the curiosity and joy.

2. Explore and open up: Mexico is a diverse land with many natural attractions worth paying attention to. From the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza to mesmerizing beaches of Akumal and Tulum, from barren desert plains to breathtaking sea and landscapes, they are bound to fill you with joy. You can savor and enjoy if you are a foodie, a beach-bum, an adventurer or just an explorer.

3. Don’t limit yourselves to indoors: Of course, the idea of enjoying a comfortable stay in a luxurious hotel with fine dining is appealing, but reaching out to the real Mexico is a good option as the country offers a lot of lights, sounds, laughs, colors, smells, sights, and more. You’ll regret being lazy; reach out to activities waiting to be explored.

4. Let your guard down: If you find it difficult meeting new people, let your guard down in such a country, as the citizens of the country are friendly and humorous. They like to interact and show their hospitality to the extreme. This way you will better get to know about the country and the locals.

5. Kid friendly country: You can tag your kids along without any hassle if you are planning a holiday in Mexico. Many restaurants in the country provide special menus for the kids and there are so many activities to keep them busy so they sleep well each night. You do not need to worry about carrying diapers or feeders for your kids as you will be better off by purchasing them from local stores and pharmacies.

6. Try speaking Spanish: What can be better than having a new language to learn in a new country. You can improve your skills and make your way into the hearts of the natives as they appreciate your effort to be a part of them.

7. Try the food: Mexican cuisine is in itself something to savour and die for. With a unique blend of Mexican flavours and spices, you are presented with delicious cuisine is sure to give your taste buds a real delight. This is one of the easiest tips to follow

8. Sometimes do haggle: Some markets may have fixed price policy but many street markets in Mexico expect to bargain; you can have your stuff at almost half the price the vendor asks from you. Markets such as Cancun and Mercado 28 are famous for haggling.

9. Go shopping: To have memories of your trip, you would want to purchase some souvenirs to take back home. So, try searching for what you need to buy a bit earlier so that by the end of your trip, when you make purchases, you have an idea of the price of the commodity you wish to purchase from different sellers.

10. Choose your excursions wisely: If you are travelling for a limited time period and with limited money, you need to make sure that you go on only those trips and excursions that are enjoyed by all within the prescribed time and resources. So, ask questions of your tour guide. Read many different reviews in advance so that you get a balanced opinion on the excursion, since different people have different expectations.

11. Try to pay in Pesos: The local currency of Mexico is Pesos. You can make your deal in US dollar as well but paying in Pesos will help you get a good exchange rate and ensure you good deal. Also you are not able to use currency larger than a $20 bill without giving a copy of your passport to the vender.

12. Remain safe: Safety is concern in Mexico. You may have to stop at some check posts and whenever police stop you just for the purpose of checking. For female tourists, it is important to keep in mind that if you roam about the streets you are bound to be gazed at and honked at. Also, make sure you use the same common sense that you would at home, even though you are on vacation. Make sure you have educated yourself about the area you are in, both during the day and at night. Keep your senses about you, and do not be tempted to over drink or use recreational drugs.

13. Roaming about: When you move out from the airport, you may have many registered and private taxis waiting at the parking area. Always agree to a price before getting into any kind of transportation.

14. Don’t use tap water for drinking: Never drink tap water. You can buy bottled drinking water, as it is available cheaply. Alternatively, most of the hotels offer you with clean drinking water that you can carry throughout your day.

15. Use sunscreen: The sun in Mexico is sure to leave you tanned and sunburnt if you do not use sunscreen, even if you are not going to the beach.

16. Carry limited cash and use cards: Use cash only where there is no card facility or an ATM is not available nearby. You can withdraw local currency from a nearby ATM or shopping mall and enjoy your day. Always use an ATM at a bank, not the roadside type.

17. Cut off on over drinking and drugs: Avoid recreational drugs as these are banned in Mexico. Also, consuming too much alcohol might lead you into trouble and scams. This is one of the most important tips to observe.

18. What to Pack: Do your research before you go. Mexico has some very hot cities and it is good to pack clothes of linen and cotton. If you are in some of the higher altitudes the cold may surprise you; you will need longer pants and a sweater or windbreaker. Always carry a hat and shades to enjoy your sight-seeing.

19. Transport in Mexico: Travelling by bus in Mexico, even in 1st class is the cheapest method of transport. Apart from this, if you wish to travel privately, then your hotel can arrange a cab for you and take the note of the taxi number. If you are on a prearranged tour, however, all your transportation will be looked after and included in your tour cost.

The above-mentioned tips are sure to make your Mexican holiday enjoyable and worthwhile.
Author: Sarah Bennett “Sarah is a senior content curator in HolidayFactors.com, a leading holiday portal, in Dubai, UAE, specializing in travel tips”

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