6 Types of Outdoor Travel Adventures You Must Experience in Western Canada

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If you’re craving outdoor adventure, Western Canada is the place to be. This destination’s rugged and beautiful landscapes make it possible for visitors to enjoy unique and spectacular experiences involving adventure tourism. Outdoor activities vary in scope, so whether you’re a casual explorer or an avid adventurer, you’ll want to carve out some time from your trip to try these wild and fun outdoor travel adventures. A trip to Western Canada is not complete unless you experience these Canadian excursions that will allow you to explore new sights and discover new things.

If you’re looking for a perfect way to experience the diverse land of the West, consider these six different types of outdoor activities you can enjoy:

Whitewater Rafting

Gather a group of friends and discover the awe inspiring waters throughout Canada on a fun and wild journey. Whitewater rafting provides a great opportunity to see the sights and experience adventure to the highest degree. We recommend heading to Lytton, BC, for a whitewater rafting experience you’ll never forget. Hop on a raft and ride the rapids through the Fraser River, Lower Thomspon River, Nahatlatch River or the Coquihalla River. Alternatively, you can also enjoy this activity at the Canadian Rockies, where you can ride down the beautiful Kananaskis River or the exhilarating Kicking Horse River.


One of the most popular and must-do outdoor activities you can enjoy is hiking. Western Canada offers a number of trails that will have you discovering landscapes you may not otherwise encounter. Whether you enjoy a hike in the forest or about town, the mountainous landscapes of this region make it possible for visitors to always enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air. For prime hiking trails with picturesque waters, visit Moraine Lake, Mt. Edith Cavell, Maligne Lake and Takakkaw Falls. Throughout the hiking trails you’ll encounter natural hot springs that you simply cannot ignore. Aside from the mountain trails, we also suggest going on a Glacier expedition, an experience unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Canoe Trip

With all the beautiful lakes in the region, you must take advantage of the water activities available. A classic and fun activity that is recommended in order to experience the best of the West is canoeing. A journey such as this one allows visitors to experience and see nature in an engaging way. Visit Yoho National Park for a canoe trip that will take your breath away, as you glide over the crystal waters and take in stunning views of the snow-capped mountains that surround you. Others lakes perfect for an inspiring canoe trip include Clearwater Lake in Wells Gray park Clearwater Lake, where you can experience an overnight canoe trip to get deep into the British Columbia wilderness.

Horseback riding

Discover the rugged landscapes, the hilltops and the vast area of Western Canada with a friendly companion while horseback riding. A fun, relaxing and adventurous activity, horseback riding can be done on various trails including Cariboo Country, Banff and around Lake Louise. Visitors can also take horseback riding to a new level by visiting a dude ranch, otherwise known as a guest ranch that provides an elevated vacation experience. There are many dude ranches throughout BC and Alberta’s foothills region that offer trail rides and relaxation spas, including the A-P Western Guest Ranch and the 108 Mile Ranch.

Rock Climbing

With all the mountains at your fingertips, you may as well experience it up close through rock climbing. In fact, British Columbia is where North American alpine rock climbing originated. Adventurous rock-climbing in the region’s many challenging mountains allows you to test your limits and see new parts of Canada you may not otherwise see. Whether you’re an expert climber or a beginner, experience the Via Ferrata in Whistler for an unforgettable experience. This challenge, mixes both rock climbing and alpine hiking, is accessible to everyone due to the anchored cables, rungs, steps, bridges, and ladders.

Mountain Biking

Another scenic way to experience the various mountains spread across the West is through mountain biking. From alpine views, to desert-like land, whichever scenery you choose to see, it will provide a magnificent ride. Mountain biking can be enjoyed at many locations including the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, the Strawberry Hill trail in Osoyoos, or the trails in Mount Revelstoke National Park. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, Whistler also offers an Extreme Downhill Mountain-biking experience that will exhilarate your senses. For great tips on Biking in general check out the “Biking Expert”.When you visit Western Canada in the near future, you must try at least one of these six outdoor travel adventures. These adventures in Canada can be enjoyed by all and are guaranteed to give you memorable moments to cherish forever. You mustn’t leave without experiencing some wild and fun adventure; it’s the perfect place to experience adventure tourism.

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