Why You Should Book a Tour with West Adventures

You’re a curious soul, and you want a vacation that lets you truly experience the cultures and landscapes of the West, rather than just carting you around between viewpoints. You don’t want to spend more time on the bus than in the world, or to have to rush through a rigid schedule that gives you no time to get outside and be adventurous.

Choosing the right tour company can be stressful—especially when you want to experience so much and you don’t want to be locked into a tour that falls short. Many large operators tend to group people by age, rather than by interest, resulting in a social experience that can feel flat. Others cut corners on comfort, limit their routes to what can be seen from the window, or lack the flexibility and options to let you design your own vacation.

We say: don’t choose between simplicity, comfort and authenticity. We’re travellers, just like you, and we know what adventurous, independent people want and need for a great vacation. The West is our home, and we’ve designed our tours to be relaxing and comfy while offering real, heart-moving, soul-lifting sights and experiences to travellers all ages—because we love it here, and we want you to love it, too.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our tours are the right tours for you:

We Focus on Landscapes & Education

Our tours specialize in truly immersing active travellers within each destination. With us, you get to learn about the culture and geography of the area while getting outdoors and experiencing nature firsthand. Yes, our vehicles are super comfortable, but you won’t be spending all of your time on the bus. Instead, you’ll be outside, experiencing the landscape through life-affirming activities that you choose yourself—from hiking to biking to kayaking to so many more. You’ll see all the check-list sights you came to see, but there’s always plenty of stops along the way, giving you the ability to truly capture the beautiful scenery around you.

We Have Knowledgeable Guides

Most of our tours have both a driver and a tour leader, so you always have access to in-depth knowledge about the landscapes and sights around you. Our expert guides will interpret both the nature and culture of each place you visit, giving you a better understanding of the geology, geography and history. You’ll see fascinating flora and fauna, but you’ll also learn about the human side, giving you deeper insight about the place on which you stand—whether it’s the First Nations culture of Canada’s Pacific coast, the famous Gold Rush trails of the American West, or the “pura vida” philosophy of modern Costa Rica, or points further and beyond.

We Build a Community of Travellers

Our tours attract travellers from around the world—all drawn together by their shared common interests. The active, curious people who join our tours enjoy exploring, and always keeping that ideal mix of outdoor adventure and relaxation. Most of our tours include plenty of different fun activities that are all perfect for groups: from hiking to horseback riding to kayaking and sightseeing, you won’t ever feel isolated or bored. Our tours have sparked countless lifelong friendships, because everyone who travels with us shares the same passion for seeing the world, being outdoors, getting active, and having experiences they’ll remember forever. We’re proud to be connecting and building a worldwide community of like-minded travellers with every tour we lead.

We Offer High-Quality Tours with a Local’s Perspective

We don’t just offer simple vacations or getaways. We offer excursions, perfect for the traveller who wants to experience the beauty and wonder of the world. Our tour leaders are always local, and always deeply acquainted with both the overall region they’re showing you and with each specific—and amazing—place on your itinerary. They have insider’s knowledge and insider’s perspective, and they’ll take you to the places that only the locals know about. The result: a tour that is more scenic, more fun, more delicious, more memorable, and more authentic.

We Offer Flexibility

Our tours give you full control over what you want to see and what you want to do. Our schedules are flexible, meaning we can make detours based on the needs and wants of the moment, and grab exciting opportunities as they arise—whether it’s a rare opportunity for some amazing storm watching, a chance to spot some elusive and majestic wildlife, or just a sudden impulse to get out and explore. We know what the best things to see and do are at each location, and we can make it happen for you, so you don’t have to waste time on anxious research and organization. We offer plenty of options for extended packages, add-on adventures, additional sights, small-group side tours, and many other opportunities, so you can design your trip, your way.

We Offer Balance

Unlike many other tour operators, we don’t make you choose between a tour that’s all costly luxury, or one that’s all bare-bones. Want to mix in a couple of nights in a plush hotel to balance out some beautiful stargazing in the wild? Want campfire one night and room service the next? Want to relax and hang out one day, explore on your own the next, and take part in a thrilling group activity the day after that? By touring with us, you can get the best of all these worlds: fresh forest air, adventure when you want it, comfortable top-quality camp gear (including cozy air mattresses and delicious and nutritious meals) for outdoors, and cushy nights in hotel comfort just when you need them. It’s an ideal mix for your ideal trip.

Let Us Show You the True West

Your trip of a lifetime begins with choosing the right tour company. If you want a memorable vacation that really lets you experience the authentic and incredible sights and soul of Latin and North America, book with the travellers who know this region—and who love it. Book with West Adventures today.

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