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Such a fantastic trip! Loved the overnight wilderness canoe trip, houseboat with on board hot tub, amazing hiking/lakes/waterfalls/wild swimming, chance to build a snowman in June! Great route, great guides and an absolutely lovely bunch of people! I couldn't have had a better time!!

~Sarah, England- 2018

Had an awesome time on the Hello Mexico tour. Becky, the tour guide was really helpful and took us to some great restaurants. There was a good balance of free time and excursions, cheap eats and pricier restaurants. All the local guides used were very knowledgeable and engaging. I loved every moment of this tour. It was a great way to see a lot of Mexico, the highlights and some hidden gems, in a short period of two weeks.

~Natalie, Australia- 2017

Wow! This was an amazing trip! I would not have felt comfortable doing it myself, so a group tour made sense. I'm so happy I chose West Adventure, as there are some significant diffences compared to other similar tours, including a short internal flight, rather than an overnight bus trip noted in other companies tours-ugh!, included activities in every town we stopped at, hotels with air conditioning in the jungle/hot areas, comfortable mini buses, with AC, as well as top quality public buses. Our tour leader did an amazing job too. She provided excellent information (both written and verbal), suggested restaurant and local specialties, and made me feel very safe everywhere we went. She arranged some of our tours early or later to avoid the crowds, meaning we had great pictures and access to the sites and activities, never feeling crowded or rushed. The local guides hired for the included tours each added interesting information and a true local flavour. Thanks again for a fabulous experience. Looking forward to joining other trips you offer, in the future.

~Andrea, Canada - 2017

This was my first tour with West Adventures. Our tour guides Tanya and Ellie were great company. I particularly enjoyed Ellie's informative stories on the areas we traveled thru on our 7 day Okanagan Escape. Thanks to Tanya for the winery tours, I had fun and learned something about wines. The tour was well thought out and balanced for time. My special thanks to Ron for the adventure. Look forward to our next adventure soon.

~Gord, Canada - 2017

It has been almost two months since we came back from our 'BC & Rocky Mountain Spectacular' tour and we're still thinking about this wonderful and unique experience every single day. From the beginning to the end it was planned brilliantly, we've come to places, we could only dream of before and the group was made out of some of the best people we have ever met. If we had to plan a tour through the Rockies ourselves, the outcome would not have been nearly as amazing as it was by travelling with Westadventures. the combination of camping and hotel also proofed to be an excellent balance between Canada's rough wildlife and the relaxing confort of a warm bed, making this trip an all fulfilling holiday.

Our time with Westadventures in the Canadian Rockies will truly stay with us for a lifetime. We're looking forward for our next trip with this amazing company!

~Alexander, Germany - 2017

I cannot believe it has only been a week and we are only halfway through our trip! ‘Spectacular’ is certainly the right word - the whole week has been an immeasurable adventure, filled with invigorating hiking, stunning views, breathless wildlife encounters (including bears!), cosy campfire meals, roaring waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, delicious local food, laughter, fun and lots of ‘wow’s. Katie and Ron have researched and prepared every detail of this trip and put together an brilliant itinerary. I really cannot think how this trip could be improved - they cover everything that other trips visit, plus a whole load more unique experiences as well. Every day is very different from the last, and each day seems unbeatable...until the next day! The mix of experiences, from adventure to indulgence, from relaxing to exhilarating, makes this trip absolutely packed to the brim with positive memories.
Ron and Katie have really gone so far beyond what other tour leaders do, to create a truly personalised, authentic and genuine experience. Their passion is contagious and they really do make the trip so exciting by sharing their love of the great Canadian experience.
Considering that West Adventures is relatively new, they are very popular among all the campsites, marinas and activity leaders. This is testament to Ron, who has lived in the area for 29 years and who built the tour from his own favourite routes discovered along his solo travels in BC ... I would imagine West Adventures will become a very well-known name for Adventure Travel in Canada and beyond. I will definitely be booking another trip with them, and have already recommended them to lots of friends! I cannot recommend them highly enough and encourage anyone thinking of a trip to Canada to book with West Adventures - the best tour company in Canada if not the world!

Many thanks to Ron, Katie and Tanya for looking after us so well throughout our trip – we will never forget your hospitality.

Full disclosure: I accompanied this trip as a professional photographer. However, I have not been asked to write a review, nor have I been paid to do so. In fact I requested to submit a review as I would like my testimony to be published. My opinions are entirely my own and are unprompted by West Adventures - I simply believe in and support Ron in his endeavour to create and deliver world-class adventure travel tours. I can honestly say that West Adventures have been the most professional, friendly and dedicated tour company I have ever worked with and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

~Ellie, England - 2017

It was a fantastic OKANAGAN ESCAPE trip tour with West Adventures. We had the great tour guides Tanya specially for the wineries and Ellie with rich stories about the Okanagan Valley, Manning Park, Osoyoos, Kelowna, Shupswap lake, etc,, It was really well organize and we had many stops along the trip for many amazing views, great and unique wineries, Fruits Farm Markets, good restaurants, Ranch, bike ride, hiking, boat house and so much more... Thank you so much for the great time with great company, we fell like a family. Also thanks to Ron for this great adventure!!

~Gisèle, Canada - 2017

Verliebt euch wie wir in Kanada! Und wenn ihr dann noch einen professionellen Partner für eure Reise sucht, wendet euch an Ron Geddert von West Adventures! ...
Fall in love with Canada just as we did last year! And if you’re interested in a professional provider for a trip to this beautiful country, contact Ron from West Adventures!

~Marina, Germany - 2016

Beck was amazing, really enthusiastic, great with people, friendly, funny and very well informed on the whole area. We felt very lucky to have her on our tour! Andres was really lovely and did a great job, he was very kind, patient and fun.

~Suzanne, Australia - 2017

I have travelled numerous times with Tanya organizing the trip. I have been on camping trips that she has exclusively put together. She carefully chooses the sites, arranges how many people will be on each site based on their needs (i.e. trailers, tents, motorhomes, etc.) Tanya also organizes the food and makes sure that all allergies and likes and dislikes are accounted for. The campgrounds have had the activities the group has been looking for.

I have travelled to the USA, Mexico and Europe with Tanya organizing hotels, food, car rentals, and activities. In all of these trips I have had a wonderful time and feel confident that Tanya is able to come through with solutions on any concerns or situations that may arrise.

She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone in her group is having an excellent time and that all their needs are accommodated. I would highly recommend using Tanya for all of your travel needs

~Tara, Canada - 2016

Thank you Tanya for arranging another fantastic vacation for our family! As a family we wanted to express our appreciation for everything you do to make it these trips memorable experiences.

From booking us and our friends the choicest camping site months in advance, setting up the mess kitchen the day before we arrive, all the food purchasing, the gourmet cooking, games, did I mention fresh coffee when you get out of your tent!.....your absolutely the best and we will keep booking with you! The whole family wanted me to make sure we book again.

~Steve, Canada - 2016



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