About Latin America

Come for the pristine-white beaches, the charm of colonial South and Central America, together with their crumbling ruins. Be blown away by the world-class diving, island hopping by boat and unique culinary experiences. You can’t really go wrong with the combination of Caribbean landscape and culture, Mayan history and the volcanic grandeur of Latin America. To make it even easier for you to soak it all in and just enjoy, we do all the planning, make all the arrangements and look after all the details. Our guides will ensure your Latin American experience is completely memorable.


  • Mexico City sinks 10 inches every year. As ground water is consumed by an ever growing population, soil is weakened, causing it to drop.
  • Ecuador was the first country in the world to grant constitutional rights to Nature. This means that the ecosystem itself can be treated as a defendant in court.
  • In the United States  it might rain “cats and dogs” but in Honduras it literally rains fish. The phenomenon known as Yoro Fish Rain happens during the heavy rainy season between May and June.
  • El Salvador has one of the largest cellphone densities in the world; there are literally more cellphones than people (135 phones per 100 persons)
  • Costa Rica is one of the few nation-states that does not have an army, abolished by The Constitution in 1949. Nevertheless if the country were to be at war, the United States would offer its armed forces.
  • The famous Panama Canal charges for passage by weight. When American adventurer Richard Halliburton decided to swim through the canal, he paid the lowest fare in history, a total of 36 cents for his full body weight of 140 pounds
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