$2000 CAD Gift Card

  • PRICE (Starting at) CA$2000

Frequently Asked Questions about West Adventures’ Gift Cards

1. What can I use my West Adventures gift cards for?
You can use your gift cards for booking any trips that West Adventures Inc. offers.

2. How do I know my Gift Card is secure?
Your gift card comes with a certificate that you hold. It will be registered to you with a specific registration number. To protect you from fraudulent use of your card, you will need to quote that number when using the card.

3. Who can use my gift cards?
Your gift cards are registered to you and only you can authorize their use. You can, however transfer the value of a specific gift card to another person by notifying West Adventures in writing that you are transferring the benefit to that person for a specified trip. West Adventures Inc. will require completion of an official “Transfer of Benefit” form. This is to protect you from fraudulent use of your gift card.

4. Can I purchase a Gift Card for someone else?
Yes, you can purchase a Gift Card as a gift to a designated person. You will need to list that person at the time of purchase, as the authorized user of the card. That person will then be the registered holder of the card.

5. Are there restrictions on which trips I can book?
No. You can use your gift card on any trip West Adventures Inc. offers.

6. Are there other restrictions on use of my Gift Card?
You cannot use a Gift Card prior to its “Validity Date.” You may use it for any trip, however, that departs on or after the Validity Date stated on the Card.

7. Do Gift Cards expire?
No. Gift Cards never expire. While each card has a commencement date, there is no expiration date.

8. Will I get bumped if I book a trip with my Gift Card and then you get a guest paying cash to take my spot?
Absolutely not! Once you have booked, the spot is yours. If you have paid with a gift card, it is the same as cash.

9. What if I book a trip and need to cancel?
Because we need to make a commitment to our vendors and suppliers, we are unable to rebook a trip within 60 days of departure. The policies on refunds and rebooking are as stated on our website in Terms & Conditions.

10. Can I combine Gift Cards to pay for a trip that has a higher value than my Gift Card?
Yes, you can. You will simply redeem several cards for that trip, as long as all of them are past their validity date.

11. What if my gift card is greater than the cost of a trip? Will I forfeit the balance?
If your gift card is greater than the cost of the trip you are booking, then you may either apply it to an accompanying passenger, or simply retain a balance on the card for future use. You will not lose the surplus amount.

12. What is the process for using my Gift Card?
Contact West Adventures either by phone at 1-877-230-9699 or email at giftcard@westadventures.com and our Operations Department will work directly with you to book your trip. Do not book online or through a travel agent.

13. Why can I trust West Adventures?
In British Columbia there are strict requirements to be met. West Adventures is licensed with Consumer Protection BC and makes every effort to ensure that we remain compliant with Consumer Protection BC policies, including trust account and deposits, as well as business and operational insurance. Our commitment is that all our guests have an incredible experience exploring and adventuring in our part of the world.

14. Can I be bumped from my trip by someone paying full price?
Absolutely not! Once you have booked, the spot is yours. Even if you have paid with a gift card, it is the same as cash.

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