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Planet West for Life Membership

Because Travelling is life!
The Planet Life Membership includes the following benefits:
– a 10% discount for accompanying travellers not using gift cards,
– A 10% discount on West Adventure trips when not using your Gift Certificates for payment,
– advance notice on special deals, time-limited, or scarce opportunities and new destinations,
– a quarterly (mailed) newsletter,
– educational webinars from experienced guides,
– complimentary travel counselling from travel experts,
– complimentary sleeping bags on trips that include camping,
– a West Adventures gift bag
– a 15% discount on the Remote Escape houseboat on the Shuswap Lake of British Columbia,
– a Membership certificate.

Membership FAQs

1) Is there a cost to this membership?
No, this is a completely free bonus we provide as a gift with purchase of our West Adventures Gift Certificates. There is no initial cost or any maintenance fees.

2) Does this membership expire?
No, this membership has no expiry date.

3) What if I do not want to receive any correspondence from West Adventures?
No problem, just send us an email to giftcard@westadventures.com and we will remove you immediately from our list.

4) What does the complimentary travel counselling include?
The staff here at West Adventures are extremely well travelled and enjoy sharing their real life expereince with you. The value of their knowledge far surpasses anything that can be researched impersonally online. If your questions are for a destination we are not experts in, we will give you advise on where to find the best resources.

5) Are there any membership benefits for my travel companion/s?
You can bring additional guests with you. Each accompanying guest, provided they are not paying with a gift card, will receive a discount of 10% off the advertised price (at time of booking) for the selected trip and departure date. They do not become Planet West for Life members, though, nor are they entitled to your other benefits of membership.

6) What if I book a trip and need to cancel?
Because we need to make a commitment to our vendors and suppliers, we are unable to rebook a trip within 60 days of departure. The policies on refunds and rebooking are as stated on our website.

7) Is my membership transferable?
Your membership is personal and cannot be passed on to anyone else, nor to the estate in the event of death.

8) Does my membership provide special trip privileges or obligate me in any way if I book a West Adventures’ trip?
West Adventures and their guides will treat you the same as any other guests. There are no special benefits nor unique obligations associated with the trip itself. If you have a great experience, you may want to show your appreciation to your guides verbally and through tipping, and we would, of course, welcome positive reviews and comments, as we always do.

9) When does my membership become active?
Your membership becomes active as soon as you receive notice from West Adventures that you have been granted membership.

10) Is membership limited?
Yes, absolutely. Only a select few are invited into membership.

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